Total Control of Property Water Rights

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From: Wally Brown
Date: Sat, Apr 18, 2015 at 7:16 AM
Subject: FW: Feds Make Full Push for Total Control of Property Water Rights
Speaking of water rights, are there similar agreements/treaties or bills being formed here? Native tribes being used for take over of land and water rights… for heirs and “assigns” – namely private companies and agencies.

Feds Make Full Push for Total Control of Property Water Rights

This is a “rush” article submitted at the 11th hour of the battle Montanans are fighting to keep their water rights intact. The average citizen is trying to defend against the onslaughts of the Agenda 21-funded, oligarch-driven EPA (pushing the CSKT water compact) and the Federal Government. The battle is almost over and it doesn’t look good about one minute to midnight. This battle is Montana’s “Alamo” of water rights and it is very important for all of us: a loss for Montanans and a win for the Federal Government will set a nationwide precedent.

If the Federal Government and its lackeys win, the Iron Bell of tyranny will ring, and those reverberations will be felt throughout the U.S. The feds will have established through state legislation an EPA measure as a means that can be turned around and employed nationally. Taking the communist “social justice” platform and using Native Americans as the tools in the “downtrodden and protected class” role, the feds will inculcate a foothold into private property rights. With a win, the federal government will have a new technique to leverage citizens away from their individual and family private property rights.

My previous article on this subject was posted on 3/18/15, entitled FedGov Moves to Seize Water Rights from 100,000 Montanans: All Surface Water and Wells. I recommend that you read it for the background history on the Hellgate Treaty and similar actions being taken in other states by the feds. SB 262 is the bill that will, if passed, ratify the CSKT (Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribe) water compact. There was a piece penned by Montana House Majority Leader Keith Regier, MT HD-4 Representative on 4/11/15 that explained the main concern: many Montanans will lose access to private property, and that access will be given to the Tribal members (who already have access), their heirs, and their “assigns.”

Guess who these “assigns” are? They are private companies, outdoor groups (Sierra Club, for example), and tour companies. They are the Federal Government, and the U.S. Forest Service, and Montana Fish and Game. These latter two, by the way, have supported the CSKT water compact and throughout the compact these two groups wrote language into it that exempt themselves from future legal conflicts. If this bill passes, the Unitary Management Ordinance will be created; this is a water court made up of a group of members of the tribes and others to serve as the water court of the reservation.

The aforementioned court will have one main function: to rule on issues that pertain to non-tribal members. Bottom line: it is a court that is of the tribes that will rule on Montanans by taking all Montanan’s water rights out of the hands of Montanans and placing it in the hands of the Indian Tribes. Almost 90% of all lands for agricultural use are off-reservation and the landowners have been paying property taxes for many years; however, they will now be under the jurisdiction of the tribes. (More..)…