Wally Brown’s Videos

Wally Brown’s Videos

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About Wally Brown

Tirelessly attending and video-documenting many public hearings and educational events throughout Thurston County and the Puget Sound Area, citizen reporting by Wally Brown, himself a rural resident in Western Washington State, gives today’s busy household more non-biased information than “popular” mass media will ever provide.

In addition to property rights, Wally’s investigative work focuses on statewide and regional policy making events, local issues, environment, and public health.

Rural citizens today are always being reminded that their independent voices have diminished in the face of more centralized, urban-centric, and authoritative bureaucracies.

Knowledge, informed inquiry, and skillful communication are the natural ingredients to citizens making an impact. To cultivate these qualities, citizens can use Wally’s videos to begin their own process of inquiry.

Why Support Wally?

  • Wally is usually the first to receive the latest breaking news on important local issues before anyone else due to years of grass roots organizing and participation in local initiatives.

  • Wally’s videos include constituent’s testimony – responses to policy proposals that are very rarely shown in the mainstream news.

  • A larger number of local citizens can remotely assimilate facts and information from videos of public hearings and meetings held at the State Capitol, County hearing rooms and other locations.

  • Wally does the research, writing, driving to events, video recording, and video editing – all provided for free from his YouTube channel.


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Wally’s Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/countrygardener32/playlists

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Watch more of Wally’s videos at BS News & World Reports on his YouTube channel.