Title 26 Disaster 05-12-15 Meeting


5-12-15 Title 26 Disaster

Thurston County Board of Commissioners Meeting 5/12/15

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From: Wally Brown <fortune2000@fairpoint.net>
Date: Thu, May 14, 2015 at 10:04 AM
Subject: Title 26 Disaster
To: fortune2000@fairpoint.net

A disaster has hit Thurston County, called Title 26. Your property is in danger, not from flood or earthquake…but from your own ELECTED County Commissioners! Hear and see the brave county residents try to stop this unnatural disaster at today’s public hearing. Each person is allocated a sum of 3 minutes to try to stop this disaster from sweeping over the land. The hearing chamber was overflowing and out into the hallway as residents try to get in and stop this fearsome tidal force. You too can help build the dyke! Come and join us if we ever get another chance to stop this.