What is the Intent of PeopleofWashington.org?

Welcome to PeopleofWashington.org (POW).

The POW website emerged as an information resource for private individuals residing in Thurston County who needed a way to spread the word about Title 26. This group met on a handful of occasions to coordinate peaceful protests in response to stricter ordinances. In spite of organized protest, the ordinances were slightly revised and then approved by the County Commissioners in early 2016. At the present, these new ordinances give Resource Stewardship an entry point for waging a series of cumulative legal actions against property owners for something as basic as a wood shed, or a parked old rusty car, with penalties starting at $250 per violation a day.

Ignoring citizens’ groundswell of civic non-consent is undermining the representative government of our lands. Elected officials are now answering to higher powers, rather than their constituents, in many ways because of our silence and lack of engagement. From the experience with Thurston County’s Title 26, it appears officials regularly take advantage of residents who are too busy to attend hearings.

As a news aggregator, People of Washington blog is also part-contributor in media efforts to share articles highlighting abuse of property rights by governmental bodies locally and around the world.  On facebook.com/WashingtonPeople a broader range of information is shared to raise awareness. The curators and producers at POW obviously do not have time to research and aggregate everything, so many stories and articles get left out. The research, curation, and posting is sporadic and volunteer driven.

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