Diane Dondero for Thurston County Commissioner

Diane Dondero for Thurston County Commissioner

Excerpts from http://www.teachgeniusfirst.com/property-rights/ …..Title 26 unifies 11 chapters of the TCC into one “that will provide a clear enforcement process for development code requirements in Thurston County and a clear penalty system for rectifying violations…”

Civil penalties strike at the heart of common people and fuel the perception of unfairness and abuse of power. Are civil penalties being sought to force municipal rules on unincorporated Thurston residents when these rural residents do not get to vote or run for office in these same municipalities?

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Diane Dondero for Thurston County Commissioner District 1

Diane Dondero for Thurston County Commissioner District 1

Dear friends, neighbors and supporters,
My campaign is at a crossroads. I need your help:

At age 9, I stood up for a fruit picker’s daughter who was being treated unequally by my teacher in school. I have been fighting for equality and social justice ever since. Running for Commissioner has transformed my anger into a ferocious love for our right to freewill choice. We have the right to choose a better future.
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This is not about two-party politics. What’s at stake in this election is the freewill choice of the people. A choice between “angry protectionism” and “business as usual” is no choice at all. With one week remaining, I am asking you to stand with me. Be ferocious in your love for your right to choose. Help Diane Dondero get on the ballot for Thurston County District 1 Commissioner.

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Thank you!


One thought on “Diane Dondero for Thurston County Commissioner

  1. I have read your “positions,” but still don’t exactly know what you are for or against. What specific actions would you try to enact if you are elected?
    Patrick Boyce
    Boston Harbor

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